Paizo Organized Play at the Greater Columbus Convention Center December 2 - 4, 2022

Organized Play allows players to participate in a fantasy roleplaying game. You can play in Pathfinder Society (Pathfinder 2e) or Starfinder Society games anywhere in the world and online.

 In both campaigns you are part of a legendary league of explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers. Adventures range from exploring the dark alleys to engaging in political intrigues to embarking on far-flung travels to exciting locales.

 As agents of the Pathfinder Society, headquartered in Absalom, you dedicate your life to discovering and chronicling the greatest mysteries and wonders of an ancient world. Likewise, as agents of the Starfinder Society headquartered on Absalom station, you dedicate your life to exploring the mysteries and wonders of the galaxy.

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Greater Columbus Convention Center 
400 North High St
Columbus, OH 43215

Appearing in Columbus:

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday


  • SFS 2-03 / The Withering World (level 1-4) / The Starfinder Society dispatched a fleet to investigate a seemingly impossible world. When another group of visitors threaten, it's up to the Society to preserve the world's delicate balance.
  • SFS 4-12 / A Festive Operation (levels 3-6) / Bring holiday cheer to those in need, Starfinder style.
  • SFS 4-05 / A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds (level 1-4) / Starfinders explore an exciting new frontier by using a powerful artifact that transports them to alternate realities. What can the PCs learn by traveling to 4 mysterious new worlds?
  • SFS Intro 1 / The First Test (level 1-2) / The newest batch of Starfinders completed their training, and are ready to join the organization as full-fledged agents—if they can impress Guidance!
  • SFS Intro 2 / For the Factions (level 1-2) / New Starfinders take on missions for the Society's four major factions: the Acquisitives, the Dataphiles, the Exo-Guardians, and the Wayfinders.
  • SF Bounty 1 / The Cantina Job (level 1) / Bring a local con artist to justice!
  • SF Bounty 3 / A Green Place (level 1) / When the power goes out, the PCs go in! Explore a malfunctioning power plant and bring it back online.  
  • SF Bounty 4 / Poacher's Prize (level 1) / When poachers steal two genetically re-engineered animals from a research laboratory days before their reintroduction to the wild, the PCs are hired to retrieve the no-longer-extinct animals before it's too late!


  • PFS2 4-01 / Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder (level 1-4) / While searching through a newly acquired trove of treasures, Pathfinders are drawn into an otherworldly realm and must use their wits to escape!
  • PFS2 3-13 / Guardian’s Covenant (level 3-6) / Heed the call for heroes! The PCs must perform heroic deeds in the Forest of Trials to secure a fey guardian's continued allegiance.
  • PSF2 1-14 / Lions of Katapesh (levels 1-4) / The PCs must investigate a bridge-building site being attacked by magically-enhanced wildlife.
  • PFS2 Intro 1 / The Second Confirmation (level 1-2) / A group of initiates sets out to save one of their own and prove that they have what it takes to become a new generation of Pathfinders.
  • PFS2 Intro 2 / United in Purpose (level 1-2) / The leaders of the Pathfinder Society’s many factions call for assistance with exploring a recently discovered set of ancient ruins.
  • PF Bounty 5 / Witch's Winter Holiday (level 1) / A kind witch has posted a bounty for holiday helpers to ensure preparations for her Winter Week feast go off without a hitch.  
  • PF Bounty 7 / Cleanup Duty (level 1) / A time-displaced alchemist hires the PCs to clear out an old ruin infested with oozes.
  • PF Bounty 8 / The Tireless Path (level 1) / A caravan is set to make its way from one town to another and needs guards.


  • Friday 3-7
     1. SF Bounty 1
     2. SF Bounty 3
     3. PF Bounty 5
     4. PF Bounty 7
  • Friday 7-Mid
     1. PFS2 3-13
     2. PFS2 4-01
     3. SFS 2-03
     4. SFS 4-05
  • Saturday 10-Noon
     1. SF Bounty 4
     2. SF Bounty 3
     3. PF Bounty 5
     4. PF Bounty 8
  • Saturday 1-6
     1. PFS2 3-13
     2. PFS2 1-14
     3. SFS 4-12
     4. SFS 4-05
  • Saturday 7-M
    1. PFS2 1-14
     2. PFS2 4-01
     3. SFS 2-03
     4. SFS 4-12
  • Sunday 10-Noon
    1. SF Bounty 1
    2. SF Bounty 4
    3. PF Bounty 8
    4. PF Bounty 7
  • Sunday 1-6
    1. PFS2 Intro 1
    2. PFS2 Intro 2
    3. SFS Intro 1
    4. SFS Intro 2

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