Zabracus at the Oklahoma City Convention Center May 24-26, 2024


Zabracus (Za-Bruh-Cuss) is a level 32 professional Content-Creator-Of-All-Trades based in Northern California. With a preference for live interactive entertainment, she streams Magic: the Gathering on WhatNot and on Twitch as a Twitch Partner, and is currently an MTG Ambassador. Known for her MTG Cosplays and armor builds, her cosplay repertoire includes Vegeta, Zatanna, Nahiri, Olivia Voldaren, & more.

Zabracus will be appearing at GalaxyCon Oklahoma City on Friday, May 24, Saturday, May 25, and Sunday, May 26. 

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Oklahoma City Convention Center
100 Mick Cornett Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Appearing in Oklahoma City: 

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 

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