Arcane Carolinas at the Greater Richmond Convention Center March 24-26, 2023

Arcane Carolinas was created by Michael Williams and Charlie Mewshaw as a podcast exploring folklore, legends, and modern weird tales from the mountaintops to sand dunes across the Carolinas' backroads and byroads. The show expanded in 2022 to include Arcane Destinations, a spin-off exploring similar tales from across the United States.

Given the nature of the topics, the guys might not have all the answers, but they really enjoy exploring the historical context and lore around legends, ghost stories, and modern tales from off the beaten path. Arcane Carolinas and Arcane Destinations are intended to be an accessible, informative, and fun exploration of these topics and tales.

Michael G. Williams is an award-winning novelist and Appalachian native with a lifelong interest in the strange and the supernatural. His science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror titles are available from Falstaff Books.

Charlie Mewshaw spent several formative years in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina before settling down a river basin or two further west. He has been a fan of history and tales of the unknown for as long as he can remember, enjoys seeking out local legends and folklore, and tinkering in his garage to assist research for the show.

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