How the Fantasy World Has Impacted Our Reality

Science fiction has been around for as long as we can remember. Starting out from books and comic strips, and of course, onto the big screens.

Besides entertainment, some people see more in science fiction than the rest of us. This has led to different innovations which have helped improve RL (real life).

Here are a few that might surprise you:

Ender’s Game – The Internet

There are a couple of notable science fiction picks when it comes to the Internet (Dial F for Frankenstein was an inspiration for Tim-Berners Lee, creator of the Internet), but Ender’s Game stands out.

Ender's Game Internet

If you’ve seen the movie with all of the modern-day and futuristic techs in there, know that it was based on a book written in the mid-1980s. The interesting part is that the Internet was not yet in public use then, yet, the author creatively expressed the use of a world wide web with all of IM, chat boards, news and all the information you wanted in one place. Ring a bell?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – The Modern Submarine

Of course, submarines have been out before Jules Verne used his extensive creativity and imagination to create the visuals for this movie. However, never before had submarines been seen as a highly effective tool during times of war. All this was soon to change after the movie.

20,000 Leagues Submarine

Taking cues from the movie, Simon Lake (an American inventor) developed a revamped model of the existing subs, and the world has been improving on that model ever since.

If you don’t think these two are related, what do you make of the congratulatory note that Verne sent to Lake after getting wind of his invention?

Star Trek – The Mobile Phone

Who would create a list of impactful science fiction series and not include Star Trek? Definitely not us.

This franchise has challenged and advanced social norms in a number of ways, but the cell phone stands out.

Star Trek Communicator

Of course, telephone technology was out before the movies started making waves. However, they were not available as cell phones or even mobile devices for that matter.

This inspired Martin Cooper to design the first cell phone. If you’re reading this on your mobile device, you might want to share this piece to let others know about how good they have it due to the works of Martin…and of course Gene Roddenberry!

Back to the Future – Hoverboards

Developed at a time when the moon landing was one of the biggest technological exploits of that century, the Back to the Future series gave us more than we could have imagined. A lot of the things in that franchise have been adapted to society today, but we’re here to talk about hoverboards!

Back to the Future Hoverboard

Although hoverboards are not at the stage where they can operate under gravity-defying conditions…yet, what they can do is still pretty cool. Factoring in that there is a hoverbike somewhere in the world, the adaptation of gravity-defying physics to the boards could come at us sooner than we might expect.

Fahrenheit 451 – 3D Printing

If you had told someone when Fahrenheit 451 first hit the screens that we would soon be printing things in 3 dimensions as they do in the movie, they might have pegged you as crazy. It did take us some time, but innovators were able to match the creativity of Ray Bradbury’s novel adaption to the screens.

Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning

It is even more interesting that the adaption is in line with how this tech was used in the movie – to print tools, weapons and other important pieces without hassles. Crazy, right?!

Star Wars – Electric Cars

We would be hard pressed to choose the biggest contributor to science fiction between Star Wars and Star Trek, so we’ll leave that to you.

On the planets featured in Star Wars, the vehicles are not powered by conventional fuels. They’re either being run on solar energy or electrical power. Anakin Skywalker even drove a car powered by hydrogen fuels once. How did that translate into our world? Think Elon Musk!

Star Wars Land Speeder

With the new Tesla models coming out every year and growing acceptance, electric cars are here to stay – and they’re the new cool of the automobile world, partially because George Lucas came up with some crazy concept for a film. Love him or hate him, he gave us Star Wars and eventually cars that can drive themselves!

Wrap Up

After all that, it is harder to tell if these people were just science fiction writers, or fortune tellers who were ahead of their era.

For now, all we’re waiting for is a real-life Wakanda (throw some Vibranium into that too), an adaptation that gives us the Iron Man suit for real, and also, a taste of what it feels like to use all those fancy transparent phones.

What science fiction concept would you like to see adapted to RL?

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