Brian O'Halloran


Brian O’Halloran is an actor/director best known for his role as Dante Hicks in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films and cartoons, including Clerks, Clerks 2, Clerks: The Animated Series, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Jay and Silent Bob’s Groovy Cartoon Movie!

Brian has also made appearances in most of Kevin Smith’s other View Askewniverse films, including DOGMA, Chasing Amy, and Mallrats. He has also been seen on several episodes of AMC’s Comic Book Men. Additionally, he has provided several voices for POKEMON, such as Mr. Garrison, Official Stadium Announcer, and various CODs.

Appearance Dates:

July 30 – Aug 2, 2020

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Celebrity Q&A:

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?   

Everything about me is totally nerdy! I’m a huge Star Wars fan, a huge comic book fan, I love science fiction, I love Comic Cons… I mean come on I’m going to GalaxyCon all the time so if you’re going to go there, you gotta be a nerd. But not necessarily, I mean it’s good for everybody. I soak up science shows and stuff like that, that interest me as well. 

What character from pop culture do you identify with?  

Well you know I mean I have portrayed Dante in the film Clerks and Clerks 2 and in a few others, and in the new Jay and Silent Bob reboot. In the beginning of my acting career I was 23 when I did that first film and I took a lot of my own personality. I’m a very people pleasing kind of guy. I don’t like to rock the boat too much, although don’t get on my wrong side. Man, you get on my bad side it is not cool. I relate to Luke Skywalker wanting to get out of where he was and go on and do better things, and there’s a lot of characters I identify with but I got to say Dante is kind of like the pop culture kind of character that I could relate to. Let’s see what we have next here…

What are you nostalgic for?  

I’m a big fan of old school Bugs Bunny cartoons. Also a big fan of hockey. I’m nostalgic for some sports right now since we’re all indoors and creating our own world so to speak. On the subject of shows, The Honeymooners and Friends which are both fun shows to watch. Things like that!  I’m just nostalgic for old TV and movies! So let’s see what’s our next question…

What inspires you?  

Other people’s performances in films and live theater. I’m really impressed with other people’s talents. Music is very inspiring to me! I love having music all around me like if I’m working on something I got to have music going on! Whenever I’m driving somewhere I have to have music. In the shower I have a Bluetooth speaker that I play music. Inspiration is all around.  To be honest with you in this day and age, seeing all these young medical professionals going in and taking care of the people in need, that’s inspiring.  They’re putting their own lives on the line for helping others and that’s incredibly inspiring. Much better and above my pay grade that’s for sure.  They’re much better people than I am, but that’s inspiring. Inspiring to see that the country for the most part pulling together. I mean yes there are knuckleheads out there who don’t want to believe all of this, but at the same time it’s very inspiring to see people helping each other.

What do you like to do when you are not working?  

Okay well it’s kind of the same thing! I’m partial to listening to music and then hanging out with friends. When I hang out with friends it’s always a lot of fun. We get together to play poker and we’ll play a variety of other games. I like online gaming, it sometimes takes my mind off of things. Watching sports! Once again watching hockey games, baseball games, football games things like that.  Reading some books from time to time and comic books especially. Just catching up on movies that I’ve missed. A lot of times people would ask “have you seen such-and-such yet,” and no I haven’t because I’ve been on the road so much so that’s kind of a thing I do when I’m off.  Cooking! Actually I do like cooking so I’ve been catching up a lot on cooking lately. I do like finding new recipes and cooking

How do I stay sane?  

Oh well once again music music music music is a great thing that keeps me sane! I love listening to music whenever I’m doing anything.  Music and singing. If you’ve ever been to any of the GalaxyCons’ and you’ve been to the karaoke parties, I love to go up and do karaoke!  Plus my girlfriend. Diana is a Saint. She keeps me grounded, keeps me sane. Interacting with friends. Once it gets warmer up here in the Northeast will be getting into our garden. Going to Home Depot or wherever to get soil and flowers and stuff like that. Decorating the house for any holidays coming around, that kind of keeps me sane. Mostly it’s just staying in touch with friends!  That keeps me sane. Whenever I can I take a walk. You too! You guys stay sane as well and don’t lose it!

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