Because Moms are the Real Superheroes

If it weren’t for moms none of us would be here! It’s true! Much like the moms we see in comicbooks, they carried us for nine months, fed us, and fought for or alongside us when we needed them! And with Mother’s Day right around the corner we wanted to honor the women in our lives by showcasing the best moms in comicbook history, and not just because our moms would be mad at us if we didn’t!

Sue Storm

Pregnant Sue Storm
All in a day’s work for the Invisible Woman

Before she became the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm took on the role of mother at an early age. After their mom, Mary, died in a car crash and their father, Franklin, wound up going to prison, Sue had to take care of her brother, Johnny. Later, Sue became the matriarch of the Fantastic Four, and their safety was always her first priority. Indeed, the Fantastic Four is often referred to as the first comicbook family, complete with arguments and bickering, always coming together as a cohesive unit when they needed to work together!

Eventually, Sue married her long-time boyfriend Mister Fantastic, became pregnant, and became a literal mother to Franklin and Valeria, who also had superpowers. It’s tough enough raising kids when you’re not a superhero, but Sue didn’t let all of her world-saving responsibilities stop her from being the best mom to reality-warping Franklin and super-genius Val that she could be! She encouraged them to be superheroes, as well, and helped them navigate their powers all while kicking butt and saving the world.

Queen Hippolyta

Queen Hippolyta
A little water, a little clay, voila, a baby!

The only woman who could possibly be cooler than Wonder Woman is her mother, Hippolyta, warrior and Queen of the Amazons. In the original comic, Hippolyta brought Diana to life with her own two hands and some clay (who needs a man?!), and groomed her to be the new leader of the Amazons. This all changed when U.S. Army Intelligence officer, Steve Trevor, crash landed on Paradise Island, and Hippolyta was forced to experience the pain that all mothers feel with their children finally leave home. Though, to be fair, her daughter also wound up saving the world (many times), so we’re sure that helped her to cope.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones and Her Baby
Powerwoman, more like Powermom, am I right?

Not only is Jessica Jones one of the best new characters of the modern age, but she is a supermom in her own right. The retired superhero-turned-private-investigator had an early superhero career as Jewel, but took a hiatus after having been kidnapped and tortured for almost a year. Later, while living in the Avengers Mansion, she became the unofficial denmother to the superheroes living there and struck up a relationship with Luke Cage (Powerman). Eventually, she became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Danielle, and motherhood gave her a renewed sense of purpose.

While Luke worked with the Avengers, Jessica became a stay-at-home mom, which worked well until the Civil War when Luke joined with the Secret Avengers and refused to register as a mutant. Not wanting to put their daughter in danger by living a life on the run, Jessica made the hard decision to register. When Danielle was later kidnapped by the Skrull, Jessica did the only thing she could, she became a superhero again. Taking on the identity of Powerwoman, Jessica joined the Avengers and helped fight the Skrull to get her daughter back.     


Pregnant Spider-Woman
“I’ll get us all through it”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a superhero in her second trimester? Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman had to do just that, treading a delicate balance of fighting crime and protecting her unborn child at the same time! Jessica’s pregnancy was center-stage during the 2016 series, and we got to see what it might be like to be a single, so-to-be-mom who was also a superhero. In one of the more exciting moments, she led a revolt of expectant mothers to fight off the Skrulls at an intergalactic hospital…while she was there to deliver her baby.

Martha Kent

The Kent Family
Aliens have chores, too!

When Jonathan and Martha Kent came across a rocket containing the baby Kal-El, they could never have predicted that the baby would eventually become the superhero Superman. Throughout Clark’s childhood, Martha was a loving, nurturing presence and she instilled in her adopted son a strong sense of morals, encouraging him to use his powers for the betterment of humanity. She even created his first Superman costume out of blankets she had found in the rocket he came to earth in. While not a superhero herself, she managed to raise an alien baby that was not her own and taught him to be a humble, righteous, and self-sacrificing hero. Sounds pretty super to me.

Aunt May

Aunt May
She’s one tough cookie, Spidey, she can handle it.

May and Ben Parker took in their nephew, Peter, after a plane crash killed both of his parents, and while Aunt May isn’t technically Peter’s mother, she certainly acts like one. When Ben Parker was murdered by an anonymous burglar, Peter and Aunt May were all the other had in the world–their bond is the stuff of legend. With Aunt May as his guiding compass, Spiderman was unstoppable. When Aunt May finally found out Peter’s dark secret, she began helping him as only a mother would, by boosting his reputation–and keeping him on the straight and narrow, reminding him of Uncle Ben’s words “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Mothers are the real superheroes, making sacrifices everyday so that we can all have better lives. The superhero moms who made it on our list embody what it means to be a supermom: your children always come first. Which comicbook mom did you wish we mentioned? Let us know below, and then give your mom a call, we’re sure she’d like to hear from you!