Quick FAQs

When will a full schedule of events be live?

The full schedule of events is usually finalized about two weeks before the convention. We begin by placing the celebrities, then the fan panelists, and finally the Photo Ops. We usually have guest cancellations in the last month of a show, and this causes us to have to redo a lot of stuff, especially because we try to replace those guests too. We strive to keep the geek genres from overlapping sessions, and so we put a lot of time and energy into the schedule. For example, we wouldn’t put a Star Trek fan panel on at the same time William Shatner is on stage. With 600 unique event items, it’s a lot to juggle.


We do our best to avoid cancellations, however if they do occur we will fully refund any autograph and photo op tickets for that celebrity. We do not refund admission tickets when guests cancel. We hear all the time, “I was only coming for this one guest.” We’re not a one guest festival, and if you are really only coming for one guest, please understand in advance that your guest may cancel and that there is no refund on admission. We support the guests’ ability to take film gigs and further their careers beyond fan festivals.

We also strive to replace guests when they cancel with relevant alternatives.

do you have host hotels with discounts where I can stay near other fans?

We have arranged for special discounts at nearby hotels.

Please click on a CITY from TOUR DATES and then click on HOTELS from the Pink menu at the top of the page.


Yes, however all bags are subject to a security check. Find out more about safety here:

How can I purchase tickets for galaxycon?

Click on a CITY from TOUR DATES on our menu and then click on TICKETS from the Pink menu at the top of the page.


No photos are allowed in the celebrity autograph or photo op area unless you have purchased a photo through a celebrity handler

How can I purchase celebrity autographs?

All Celebrity Autographs can be purchased with cash at the celebrity’s booth at the convention.

How can I get a selfie with a celebrity?

If a celebrity will be available for selfie photos, these will be sold at the celebrity’s booth for cash at the festival.

How do celebrity photo ops work?

CLICK HERE for our photo ops FAQs

What are your accessibility services?

All of our markets feature accessible buildings equiped with elevators and ramps. If you have trouble standing for long periods of time, you may share a doctor’s note to get a free fast pass button to get through the festival more easily. These buttons are available at the accessibility desk in pre-registration.

How can I purchase professional celebrity photo ops?

Professional celebrity photo ops are available for purchase online in advance with a credit card or at the event with cash only. Photo Ops and Autographs will go on sale soon.

How do I know which days my favorite celebrities will be at galaxycon IN MY CITY?

You can find appearance days on the guest pages in each city. Choose your city from TOUR DATES and click on GUESTS from the Pink menu.

Do any celebrities sign autographs for free?

Some anime voice actors will sign one item you bring from home (or your program guide) for free. Please review the details of each guest that you are interested in on the guest pages in each city to find out autograph specifics.

Can I bring my own item to be signed by a celebrity?

Our celebrity guests most often sign any items that you bring. However it is up to the individual celebrities discretion if they will or will not sign a certain item. Celebrities will also have photographs at their tables available to sign.