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The Greater Richmond Convention Center Richmond, VA.
DAY 1 FEB 28th 2020
Match 1 Star-Lord Defeated Red Hood
Match 2 Toxic Crusader Championship Deadpool Defeated Link Backstage
Match 3 Toxic Crusader Championship Link Defeated Skeletor, Wreck it Ralph, Toxie, & Deadpool
Match 4 Womens Championship Mystique Defeated Kim Possible, Lana Kane & Livewire
Match 5 FSCW Co-Op Championship Miles Morales & Peter B Parker Defeated Jessie & Black Panther
Match 6 Junkrat & Road Hog Vs Kraven & Shocker ended in No Contest
Match 7 Green Lantern Defeated Kylo Ren
Match 8 Evil Lyn Defeated Rey
Match 9 Loki & Syndrome Defeated Link & Kratos *Syndrome awarded Toxic Crusader Championship*

DAY 2 FEB 29th 2020 
Match 1 Toxic Crusader Championship Toxie Defeated Syndrome
Match 2 Green Lantern Defeated Syndrome
Match 3 Junkrat & Roadhog Defeated Jessie & Black Panther
Match 4 Toxic Crusader Championship Senior Official Bruce Owens Defeated Wreck it Ralph, Toxie, Casey Jones, Skeletor, Lana Kane, & Kim Possible.
Match 5 Eight Person Tag Team Match Red Hood, Live Wire Kraven & Shocker Defeated Peter B Parker, Miles Morales, Deadpool & Mystique
Match 6 Rey Defeated Kylo Ren
Match 7 FSCW Multiverse Championship Link Defeated Loki Via DQ *Title doesnt change hands*
Match 8 Star-Lord Defeated Ming the Merciless

Day 3 MAR 1st 2020
Match 1 Kim Possible & Lana Defeated Jessie & Black Panther
Match 2 Toxic Crusader Championship Kraven the Hunter Defeated Bruce Owens Backstage
Match 3 Toxic Crusader Championship Wreck it Ralph Defeated Kraven, Toxie & Green Lantern
Match 4 Deadpool Defeated Syndrome
Match 5 Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Red Hood & Shocker Defeated Junkrat & Roadhog, Skeletor & Evil Lyn, & Peter B Parker & Miles Morales
Match 6 FSCW Womens Championship Mystique Defeated Livewire
Match 7  Rey Defeated Kylo Ren *Via DQ Outside Interfearence
Match 8 Star-Lord, Link & Rey Defeated Loki, Kylo Ren, & Kratos 


Kentucky International Convention Center  Louisville, KY.
DAY 1 November 22, 2019
Match 1 Toxic Crusader Championship Wreck it Ralph Defeated Deadpool, Black Panther and James

Match 2 Kim Possible Defeated Jinx and Spider Gwen

Match 3 Link Vs Naruto *No Contest Outside Interfearence from Loki

Match 4 Skeletor Defeated Green Lantern

Match 5 Mystique Defeated Evil Lyn

Match 6 Nord Machine (Kratos & Dovahkiin) Defeated Kylo Ren & Loki
Match 7  Non Title Spiderverse (Miles Morales & Peter B Parker) Defeated the Sinister Six (Kraven & Redhood)


DAY 2 November 23, 2019

Match 1 Green Lantern & GreenMan Def. Skeletor & Evil Lyn

Match 2 Nord Machine & Kim Possible Def. Red Hood, Jinx & James

Match 3 Toxic Crusader Championship Wreck it Ralph Def. Casey Jones, Deadpool, Black Panther & Spider Gwen

Match 4 FSCW Multiverse Championship Loki Def. Link and Naruto 

Match 5 FSCW Womens Championship Mystique Def. Rogue

Match 6 FSCW Co-OP Champions Spidervese (Miles Morales & Peter B Parker Def Sinsister Six (Kraven & Shocker)


DAY 3 November 24, 2019

Match 1 Naruto Def Kylo Ren, Green Lantern, Red Hood, & Black Panther

Match 2 FSCW Womens Championship Mystique Def. Jinx

Match 3 Skeletor Def. Deadpool

Match 4 Link Def. James

Match 5  Rogue Def Spider Gwen

Match 6 FSCW CO-Op Championship SpiderVerse Def. Sinister Six & Nord Machine

Match 7 Non Title Match Wreck it Ralph & Kim Possible Def. Loki & Mystique

Minneapolis Convention Center  Minneapolis, MN. 

DAY 1 November 8 2019

Match 1 FSCW MULTIVERSE CHAMPIONSHIP Loki Defeated Peter B. Parker

Match 2 FSCW TOXIC CRUSADER CHAMPIONSHIP  Wreck It Ralph Defeated Toxie, Syndrome, Miles Morales, Match 3 Star-Lord

Match 4 WOMENS # 1 CONTENDERSHIP Rogue Defeated Mileena

Match 5 Skeletor Defeated Deadpool

Match 6 Sinister Six (Prowler & Kraven) Defeated Suicide Squad (Deadshot & Redhood)

Match 7 FSCW CO-OP CHAMPIONSHIPS Handicap Match Team Rocket Defeated JunkRat *Roadhog MIA*

Match 8 FSCW WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP Mystique Defeated Kim Possible

Match 9 Yukon Cornelius Defeated Kylo Ren


DAY 2  November 9, 2019

Match 1 Skeletor & Mileena Defeated Yukon Cornelius & Link

Match 2 Deadshot Defeated Star-Lord

Match 3 FSCW CO-OP CHAMPIONSHIPS Sinister Six (Prowler & Kraven) Defeated Team Rocket

Match 4 Amara Defeated Kim Possible

Match 5 Peter B. Parker & Miles Morales Defeated Loki & Syndrome

Match 6 FSCW TOXIC CRUSADER CHAMPIONSHIP Wreck It Ralph Defeated Red Hood, Kratos, Deadpool, Casey Jones

Match 7 FSCW WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP Rogue Defeated Mystique

DAY 3 November 10, 2019

Match 1 Wreck It Ralph Defeated Syndrome

Match 2 Suicide Squad (Deadshot & Redhood) Defeated Team Rocket & Nord Machine (Dovahkiin & Kratos)

Match 3 FSCW WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP Rogue Defeated Kim Possible

Match 4 FSCW CO OP CHAMPIONSHIPS Sinister Six (Prowler & Kraven Defeated Peter B. Parker & Star-Lord

Match 5 Mystique Defeated Amara

Match 6 FSCW MULTIVERSE CHAMPIONSHIP Loki Vs Miles Morales *No Contest due to Outside Interference.

Match 7 Deadpool, Miles Morales, Link & Yukon Cornelius Defeated Skeletor, Mileena, Kylo Ren & Loki

Tampa Convention Center   Tampa FL.

November 2, 2019
Match 1 The Tethered Defeated Ash Williams & Spider-Man

Match 2 Handicap Match Otis Driftwood Defeated The Purge

Match 3 Mileena Defeated The Purger

Match 4 Chief Hopper Defeated Vlad the Poker w/ Deacon

Match 5 Daryl Dixon Vs Dwight *ended No contest due to outside interfearence.

Match 6 Daryl Dixon & Negan Defeated The Whisperers

Match 7 Toxic  Crusader Championship Michael Myers Defeated Ghostface, LeatherFace & Jason Voorhees

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