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FSCW Toxic Crusader Champion

Held by Wreck it Ralph Since March 1st 2020

3/1/20 Richmond Va. Defeated Kraven, Toxie and Green Lantern

Successful Title Defenses include:

FSCW Toxic Crusader Championship

Introduced in 2019, Troma Entertainment Co-Founder Lloyd Kaufman created the Toxic Crusader Championship for his counterpart Toxie, bringing in Wrestling Legend Mick Foley to launch the title. This Championship is one of the most contested and sought after prizes in FSCW thanks to its 24/7 Rules, allowing anyone to win it at any time with a multitude of prolific Wrestlers and Celebrities from all walks of life seeking to win the title.


See former Champions and the lineage of the FSCW Toxic Crusader Championship below.

7/27/19 Raleigh NC.

  • Toxie defeated Rorschach
  • April O’Neil defeated Toxie
  • Toxie (2x) defeated April O’Neil
  • Wreck it Ralph defeated Toxie
  • Black Panther defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • Deadpool defeated Black Panther
  • Dovahkiin defeated Deadpool
  • Wreck it Ralph (2x) defeated Dovahkiin
  • Deadpool (2x) defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • Rorschach defeated Deadpool
  • Toxie (3x) defeated Rorschach
  • Black Panther (2x) defeated Toxie
  • Dovahkiin (2x) defeated Black Panther
  • Toxie (4x) defeated Dovahkiin
  • Wreck it Ralph (3x) defeated Toxie
  • Black Panther (3x) Defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • Rorschach (2x) defeated Black Panther
  • Deadpool (3x) defeated Rorschach
  • Josh Petersdorf defeated Deadpool, Black Panther, Dovahkiin, Wreck it Ralph, & Rorschach
  • Toxie (5x) Defeated Josh Petersdorf

7/28/19 Raleigh NC.

  • Barry Bostwick defeated Toxie
  • *Title Vacated/ Recovered by Toxie (6x)
  •  Speedy the Photographer defeated Toxie
  • Wreck it Ralph (4x) defeated Speedy the Photographer
  •  Luigi defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • Chun Li defeated Luigi
  • Wreck it Ralph(5x) defeated Chun Li
  • Lara Croft Defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • *Title Vacated
  • Toxie (7x) defeated Chun Li, Luigi, & Wreck it Ralph
  • Tony Stabile (Referee) defeated Toxie
  • Toxie (8x) defeated Tony Stabile

8/26/19 FSCW Command Center

  • Batroc Defeated Toxie
  • Negan Defeated Batroc

9/6/19 Tampa Fla.

  • Corey Taylor (Slipknot) defeated Negan
  • *Title reported Missing/ Recovered by Kid Cadet

9/30/19 FSCW Command Center.

  • Title abandoned by Kid Cadet/ Retreived by Ghostface
11/2/19 Spooky Empire Tampa Fla.
  •  Michael Myers defeated Ghostface, Jason, and Leatherface

11/3/19 Gainesville Fla. 

  •  Toxie (9x) defeated Michael Myers 

11/8/19 Galaxycon Minneapolis Mn.

  • Miles Morales defeated Toxie
  • Wreck it Ralph (6x) defeated Miles Morales
  • Starlord defeated Wreck it Ralph
  • Syndrome defeated Starlord
  • Referee Clark Feldman defeated Syndrome
  • Toxie (10x) defeated Referee Clark Feldman
  • Wreck it Ralph(7x) defeated Toxie, Syndrome, Star Lord, Miles Morales  Successful Title Defenses Include:
    • 11/10/19 defeated Casey Jones, Deadpool, Kratos & Redhood.
    • 11/10/19 Title Missing
    • 11/22/19 Title Retrieved by Michael Kingston, forfeit to Ralph
    • 11/22/19 defeated James Black Panther and Deadpool
    • 11/23/19 defeated Deadpool, Casey Jones, Black Panther and Spider Gwen

11/24/19 Louisville KY.

  • Link Defeated Wreck it Ralph

2/28/20 Richmond VA.

  • Deadpool (4x) Defeated Link
  • Link (2x) Defeated Deadpool, Skeletor, Wreck it Ralph, & Toxie
  • Loki & Syndrome Defeated Link and Kratos *Title Awarded to Syndrome*

2/29/20 Richmond VA.

  • Toxie(11x) Defeated Syndrome
  • Wreck it Ralph (8x) Defeated Lana Kane, Kim Possible, Skeletor, Casey Jones & Toxie 
  •  Senior Official Bruce Owens Defeated Wreck it Ralph

3/1/20 Richmond VA.

  • Kraven the Hunter Defeated Bruce Owens.
  • Wreck it Ralph (9x) Defeated Kraven, Toxie and Green Lantern