Supercon Founder, Mike Broder, announces that he has sold Florida Supercon to ReedPOP in a transaction that includes the trademark for the name “Supercon.” Broder and his team at Super Festivals will continue to manage large pop culture events in Richmond, Raleigh, Minneapolis, and Louisville, under the name GalaxyCon.

GalaxyCon is more than a comic con. It is a festival of fandom where attendees can meet celebrity and creative guests from comic books, movies, TV, science fiction, fantasy, anime, cartoons, video games, wrestling and more!

The GalaxyCon events feature over 300 hours of programming designed to break the traditional comic con mold. Every walk of geek life is embraced, and everyone is encouraged to participate. The event schedules run past midnight with parties, wrestling, shadowcasts, comedy, burlesque, and more.

As a core GalaxyCon principle and included with admission: 

  • Entertainment runs day and night.
  • 99% of the celebrities and content creators participate in panels or Q&As with attendees.
  • Local artists, creators, experts, and enthusiasts share their passions by presenting their take on hobbies and fandoms.
  • Costume Contests celebrate originality with huge prizes in front of large audiences.
  • Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling happens live in a wrestling ring each night to stoke The Ultimate Geek Debate: “Who Would Win in a Fight?”
  • Video Gaming and Tabletop Gaming tournaments and free play go all weekend for all ages.