If you have an autograph on a print, comic book, prop, or collectible and would like to have it authenticated, read below on the services we will have available at the show!

One Stop Comic Shop: CGC Authorized Dealer

One Stop Comic Shop: CGC Submissions and Signature Series Facilitator of GalaxyCon Events. 

Staff will be on hand to accept ALL CGC submissions and witness for CGC Signature Series. 

For more information please contact Dan@OneStopcomicshop.com for fees and rates. 

One Stop Comic Shop will have TWO distinct services offered:

1. Mail-Away Signature Request Fulfillment (NON-ATTENDEES)

     – Any items signed for clients unable to attend the show including NOT limited to CGC Submissions. This includes items they mail-in or that I arrange for pick up at show 

2. On-Site CGC Submissions and Signature Series Facilitation (ATTENDEES)

     – For customers attending the show that want to submit books to CGC, for signatures or not

One Stop Comic Shop will also be offering a mail-in service for fans who are not able to travel to the show, but would like to purchase an autograph from one of our guests. For more information, fill out the form here. 

More information about One Stop Comic Shop can be found at www.onestopcomicshop.com.

JSA Authentication

JSA Story

“Autograph collecting is a Spence family tradition that has been passed down through four generations. Following his grandfather and father, founder James Spence Jr. started out as an avid collector of sports memorabilia. Collecting autographs turned into a business as he traveled across the country attending major trade shows buying and selling memorabilia. His passion for autographs led him to extensive research and compiling an autograph exemplar library, which is second to none in the autograph industry today. James, Jr’s reputation within the autograph world caught the attention of major auction houses across the country, which then employed his authentication services for their upcoming auctions. Thirty years later James Spence has built a worldwide reputation as the premier autograph authenticator in the world.

JSA has accumulated an impressive exemplar database of notable signatures, which are used by authenticators to accurately assess the thousands of autographs seen daily. The exemplar file is the most important tool JSA utilizes when authenticating any autograph. Submitted signatures can be compared to known authentic and forged examples, including non-malicious attempts. Our experts regularly visit auction houses, attend trade shows/conventions and constantly research the veracity of autographs of sports figures, celebrities, entertainers, politicians and historical figures. Their strong research and exposure to this volume of autographs allows them to continually add to their growing autograph exemplar database, unparalleled in the autograph industry.


Any item backed by James Spence Authentication is instantly marketable, enhancing its maximized value and making the item easier to sell to a potential buyer. Certified items are given a unique alpha-numeric code and documented into a database that can be verified by visiting www.SpenceLOA.com.

Important Info About JSA at the Show

James Spence Authentication (JSA) will be at the show to authenticate your autographed memorabilia. This is a great way to enhance and protect the valued signatures, especially when it comes time to sell your collection. For a special rate of $10 per signature (exclusive to items signed at the show), a tamper-resistant sticker will be affixed to your item. You will receive a matching certificate card and your item will also be registered on the JSA website. Stop by the JSA booth after getting your autograph to learn about forever certifying your collectibles.

For more information, visit their website at www.SpenceLOA.com.


CBCS offers several services benefiting the comic book collector, though they’re primarily known for their comic book grading. CBCS accepts comics for grading at conventions and ships them to their Dallas facility for grading and encapsulation. CBCS provides a third-party evaluation of a comic book’s condition based on the flaws or damages that are evident in a book. The grader’s opinion is converted to a numeric grade based on established guidelines. These grades range from a .1 (single page) to a perfect 10 which is flawless.

CBCS also offers an Authentic Signature Program (ASP), for comic book collectors wishing to have their books signed by their favorite creators. As long as the signatures are witnessed by an authorized CBCS witness, who is present when the books are signed the book qualifies for our CBCS ASP yellow label. The yellow label indicated that the signature(s) on the book are witnessed and authentic and are not considered a downgrade during the grading process. Signatures not witnessed normally would be considered a blemish on the book during grading. CBCS offers witnessing services during the conventions they attend. Collectors need to come to their booth and request a witness PRIOR to having the book signed. If the book is signed without a witness, they cannot consider it for their ASP yellow label.

CBCS also offers a Verified Signature Program (VSP) for those collectors who have obtained a signature on a comic without a witness being present. Each signature is authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services providing expert third-party opinions on autographs. The Verified Signature Program offers collectors the opportunity to authenticate unwitnessed signatures, eliminating the doubt that the signatures are not legitimate.

CBCS Pressing is another service offered to convention attendees. CBCS Pressing is used by collectors to improve the condition of a comic book prior to grading and encapsulation. The pressing process can eliminate correctable defects such as bends, non-color breaking dents, waves, and most spin curls. Pressing is not considered restoration and can raise the grade and potential value of a book.

More information about CBCS services and Beckett Authentication Services can be found at www.cbcscomics.com.

Pricing for CBCS grading are as follows:

Modern tier (1975 to Present Day, under $250 in value): $18

Expander Tier (Pre 1975, under $250 in value): $30

Consumer Tier ($251-$400 in value): $34

Quickstream ($401- $1,150 in Value): $58

Rapid Tier ($1,151 – $4,000): $90

One Day (Over $4,000 in value): 2.75% of fair Market Value

The current turn around time is 8 weeks for modern books.