How to form your own Resistance, General Organa style

A revolution doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to start your own rebellion, then you need to get organized! General Leia Organa knows what it’s like to fight for a just cause with little to no support. She also knows that you won’t succeed if you just try to X-wing it! Follow her example and you’re sure to beat back the forces that oppose you.

Identify threat

The first step in any revolution is to identify the threat. This is likely an oppressive and powerful force, oftentimes dismissed or underrated, operating under the radar until they launch a surprise critical strike. The First Order, an offshoot of the Empire, is building up their forces and power in distant space. For some reason, the New Republic doesn’t believe that they are a threat. General Organa knows better. She’s lived through the destruction of her homeworld at the hands of the Empire and doesn’t want history to repeat itself. She knows it’s only a matter of time before the First Order strikes. She also knows that the New Republic won’t help. It’s time to go rogue. The Resistance is born.

Get support

Without support, this revolution won’t go anywhere. Not only do you need a charismatic leader to energize the troops, you’ll need actual troops. You’ll also need money, weapons, and ships. General Organa has charisma in spades, and the success of past rebellions under her belt. She knows some people in high places sympathetic to the cause and is able to get the money and arms they need to have a fighting chance.

It’s also crucial at this time to recruit a ragtag and motley crew of capable rebels sympathetic to the cause, who have unique abilities that will serve to turn the tide at critical times during the revolution. It’s imperative to have someone with inside knowledge, be it a former Storm Trooper, a hapless droid, or some Bothans. General Organa puts out the feelers for Resistance fighters and manages to get some intel that can be used to strike the First Order.

Come up with a plan

At this stage in your rebellion, you need to carefully plan where to hit the enemy so that they hopefully won’t be able to recover. Don’t rush this, although it’s often hard to take it slow when planets are being blown up all around you.

Sometimes you may need to infiltrate the enemy base in order to get more knowledge, but more often than not it is to rescue key personnel who inadvertently got captured. Expect this sort of mission to be difficult but unexpectedly fruitful. You will usually learn a key piece of intel about the enemy that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.   

Meticulously plan your next move: find an extremely specific way to hamstring the enemy that, although it came as pretty obvious to you as a glaring vulnerability, nonetheless it is completely unprotected and accessible. Strike there. General Organa, with the help of her ragtag crew of rebels manages to find a weakness in the Starkiller Base and engages in an expertly designed campaign to cripple the First Order.

Know when to retreat and regroup

Prepare to be ruthlessly pursued by your enemy at this point. You’ve likely suffered heavy losses in light of your startling victory. It’s time to tend to your wounds and find somewhere safe to retreat to. This is where you will review all the intel you have, take a headcount, and make sure the enemy doesn’t have something else up their sleeve. They inevitably will, and you will lose some ground, but it is of the utmost importance to keep morale up at this stage. Remind your rebel troops why they are fighting in the first place. General Organa knows that the First Order is bent on the domination of the universe and the destruction of the New Republic and those upstarts in the Resistance. This must not happen, at all costs.

It’s time to go back to the planning stages and figure out where to strike next. Send out some reliable rebels to gain some more intel for you, infiltrate an enemy base or two. Do whatever you can to get an advantage. Keep fighting until you’ve won. General Organa would expect nothing less of you.

Bonus tip

It’s helpful to have a trump card. Maybe you have an estranged Jedi, who may or may not be related to you, lying in wait, trying to pick the right moment to show him or herself. It’s good to always keep something or someone in the wings to be able to pull out at a critical moment when all else may be lost.

With the wisdom of General Leia Organa to guide you, your revolution is sure to succeed! What other bits of sage wisdom can we glean from the heroes of the Rebel Alliance? Sound off in the comments below, soldier!