Michael “Knightmage” Wilson has been cosplaying since 2012. The 18-year veteran Deputy Sheriff and Stuntman has turned the art of cosplay from a hobby to a full-fledged passion. He genuinely loves to entertain, create, inspire, spread positivity and make a difference, and cosplaying has allowed him to fulfill those dreams. From being a decorated Deputy Sheriff to working on Hollywood films to receiving awards for his costuming as well as for his charity work including the Presidential Volunteers Service Award, Knightmage continues to strive to be a representative of ideas and possibilities!

Appearance Dates:

July 30 – Aug 2, 2020

Celebrity Q&A:

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

Though I personally don’t think it’s “nerdy”, the obvious answer is my fondness of dressing up in spandex among other things for fun referring to my love for cosplaying. It’s funny because most people in the cosplay community are shocked to find out my actual career as a Law Enforcement Officer and my peers in Law Enforcement are shocked to find out that my passion in cosplaying. 

What character from pop culture do you identify with?

That’s a tough question as there’s tons that resonate with me so I’m going to have to play two sides of a coin. Characters such as the Jedi Order, Superman and Captain America. I identify with them because of their clear cut sense of duty. No matter what, you do what is right. There is no gray area. On the other hand, there’s those like the Sith, Batman and Spawn. I feel them on the level of that sometimes to achieve what you need you might have to get dirty, bend a rule or two and certainly the end does justify the means. I look at life in both ways and both ideologies have value to me in some way.   

What are you nostalgic for?

I would say 80’s movies, music and other pop culture things such as cartoons, toys and cereal during that time. To me the 80’s was huge creative boom. Original concepts and there wasn’t a fear at trying new things and pushing the envelope on subject matter. From toys to music to movies to again, cereal, everything was just so fresh and innovative to me.  

What inspires you?

The thought of me making a difference. It doesn’t have to be in a big monumental way but even just knowing that I made someone laugh from a joke I made or I brightened a day from a cosplay I did inspires me to do more and keep going forward. On a more career level it’s the same. Knowing that I helped, protected or eased someone’s fears and making a difference in my community inspires and validates me.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I’m working so I like to work when I’m not working. Pretty much everything I do is for the betterment of something else that I do and me in general. It’s a constant working on myself. What I do cosplay wise helps me become more relatable when it comes to public dealings in my day job and vice versa. I spent a lot of time in the gym which helps both the career and cosplaying. My social and personal life helps counter act any stress I may have from the career or the constant go-go-go of cosplaying whether it’s creating, conventions or charity events. I really don’t have much time anymore for other activities such as gaming but I’ve found my niche and what I love so I have no complaints.

How do you stay sane?

Staying sane is wrapped up in a big nice bubble of the previous questions. Keeping my mind and body busy by working and knowing that the work I do is making a difference.

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