The Losers Club IT Movie

Team up with The Losers’ Club for this one-of-a-kind Live Streamed Q&A with GalaxyCon Live. Join Jack Grazer “Eddie Kaspbrak”, Jackson Scott “Georgie Denbrough”, Jeremy Ray Taylor “Ben Hanscom” on Sunday, May 3rd at 2pm ET for a thrilling experience!

2 PM Eastern | 1 PM Central | 12 PM Mountain | 11 AM Pacific

Schedule of Events

* 2:00 pm Live Stream Q&A with Jack Grazer, Jackson Scott and Jeremy Ray Taylor
* 3:00 pm Three-to-One Chat for you and The Losers’ Club
* 3:45 pm One-on-One Chats for you and any of these 3 celebrities
* You can also purchase personalized autographs and video recordings until the scheduled stream on May 3rd is over.

GalaxyCon Live Connects Celebrities and Fans Online with Live Streaming Q&As, One-on-One Video Chats, and Personalized Autographs and Videos.

Watch the GalaxyCon Live Streams for FREE if use Promo Code LIVEFREE or you purchase any of the celebrity experiences including:

  • One-on-One Video Chat with all of the celebrities in this team up
  • One-on-One Video Chat with any one of the celebrities in this team up
  • Personalized 8×10 Autograph Signing
  • Personalized Video Recording

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