Meet Celebrities at GalaxyCon

Find out how to get professional photo ops, autographs, and tableside selfies with celebrities.

Pricing Info

Pricing for Autographs, Photo Ops, and Table Photos (Selfies) can be found on the individual Guests’ Pages with other information such as the days they are attending.


ALL of the celebrities will sign autographs at the event, and you can buy autographs at the celebrities’ booths

Very few celebrities have autographs available for pre-sale.

You will need an admission ticket to meet celebrities and purchase autographs. 

Most celebrities do not sign autographs on a schedule. They are generally available at their booths when they are not at photo ops, a panel, or lunch.

Grading and autograph authentication can be found at

Selfies / Table Photos

Most celebrities will take informal photos using your smartphone or camera with you at their booths. 

For the most part, these are only available for sale at the celebrities’ booths. You can find pricing on the Guests’ individual pages on our website. This is referred to as a “Table Photo”.

Professional Photo Ops

Celebrity photo ops are available online via credit card or at the show in the photo op area for cash only.

You’ll need an admission ticket and a photo op ticket to get a photo op with the celebrity you want to meet. 

Be prepared to be present when the celebrity’s photo op is scheduled in the Photo Op area.

Photo ops come with an 8″x10″ glossy print available immediately after the photo is taken plus a digital image that you can download from for free soon after your photo is taken. Your print will include a code to find the download, but if that fails, it will show up on our Flickr later. Extra prints are available from Celeb Photo Ops at the event for $10.

These photo ops cannot be exchanged or refunded unless a celebrity cancels their appearance with the event, so be sure to be on time for one of the scheduled sessions.

Celebrity Professional Photo Ops are taken by Celeb Photo Ops. You can learn more about them at

Scroll down for additional photo op rules

Photo Op Rules

(1) You must bring your ticket / receipt to the Photo Op ticket table to redeem it prior to getting in line for your Photo Op.

(2) Tickets are good for any time that the specific celebrity is scheduled to take part in.

(3) Photo Op tickets are non-refundable, unless a celebrity cancels, or there is a schedule change.

(4) Photo Ops are available for cash only at the event in the photo op area in hall c, but they can be purchased online with a credit card before the event.

(5) Guests that are not scheduled for Pro Photo Ops will be taking photos at their tables in the celebrity area.

(6) Photo Op tickets do not include admission to the show. Admission to the show must be purchased separately.

(7) Up to 4 fans allowed per picture. Any more fans than 4 must purchase another photo op. No limit to number of kids under 3.

(8) Additional prints of the same photo are available for $10 each.

Photo Op FAQs

What is a photo op?
Photo Ops are your chance to get a photo of you and your favorite celebrities. These photos are taken by a professional photographer under ideal lighting conditions, using professional camera equipment. You will receive an 8×10 print of your photo printed on professional dye-sublimation photo printers. Photos will be ready shortly after your photo is taken. As well, digital copies of your photo will be posted online for download following the show (so you can show off to your friends on social media!).

When do I need to arrive for my photo op?
Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your photo op. Be sure to check the photo op schedule for last minute changes upon arrival at the show. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the photo op schedule may change. It rarely happens, but it is possible. Do not be late. The photo op lines move very fast once the op starts and we cannot bring a celebrity guest back to take a missed photo. VIP FAST PASS lines will always go in the photo op room first, so be sure to get in the correct line.

What should I bring with me to my photo op?
If you paid online, you will need to have your ticket for your photo op either printed out or readily available on your smart phone. Redeem this ticket at the Photo Op Ticket Redemption Table before getting in line. If you paid for your photo op at the show, you will need to have the “Photo Op” pass given to you when you paid for your op.

When will my print be ready?

How many people can be in my photo op?
Up to 4 Fans over the age of 3 can be in one photo op. If your group is larger, the additional fans (up to 4) must purchase another photo op. There is no limit to the number of kids under 3 which are allowed in the photo op.

Where is the photo op area?
The photo op area is in HALL C of the Convention Center. Please look at the show map, you will see the area clearly marked. As well, there will be banners near the photo op area.

Can I take my photo on my own camera?
NO. There are no cameras or video recording devices allowed in the photo op room, other than our photographers.

How do I get a digital image of my photo op?
The digital copy is included with your photo op. Your photo will have a code to download the photo and the photo will be available on our Flickr account. If you would like a photo removed from our Flickr account, please email that request with a link to the photo at

I have special needs or I am caring for a special needs fan who is getting a photo op, what should I do?
Please let our photo op line staff know if you or someone in your care has special needs and we will be sure to help you out.

Can I purchase a photo op at the show?
Yes, you can purchase photo ops at the show. If you would like to pay with cash, the ATMs at the convention will often run out of money, so please try to stop prior to arrival to be better prepared. If you need to use a credit card you may purchase photo ops on-line prior to the show. Some photo ops are sold on a limited number basis, so please be sure you purchase your photo op upon arrival or prior to the show.

I have an idea for a pose or something I want the celebrity guest to do in my photo op, what do I do?
The photo ops move at a very rapid pace, so if you have an idea please be ready when it is your turn and please do not try to be too elaborate. We do not guarantee the celebrity guests will be able to fulfill your request or there will be time for special requests.

Other important notes:
* Please be courteous to the celebrity guests. Any inappropriate behavior will result in your immediate removal from the photo op room without refund, and possibly the show itself.
* Please do not assume you may hug and or kiss the celebrity guests.
* Please do not hand babies or small children to the celebrity guests.
* There are absolutely no autographs in the photo op room.
* If you would like to give gifts to the celebrity guest, we ask that you do so at their autograph table, not in the photo op room (there is no where for the guest to place these gifts)