All attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is respectful of other attendees at all times.

You may not engage in any kind of behavior that could be deemed harassing, bullying, or stalking in any way.

While this is a very friendly environment with a lot of hugging and touching, 100% of that is expected to be with consent.

Do not touch peoples’ hair, bodies, costumes, props, or other items without permission.

Do not use hateful speech.

Do not follow anyone without their permission.

Security personnel are on site to assist anyone that feels uncomfortable at the event, and you may also ask for assistance at our info desk at pre-registration.

If Security, Police, or GalaxyCon Staff consider anyone’s behavior to be in violation of the code of conduct policies, you may be ejected from the event and have your wristband or badge removed without refund or recourse of any kind.

Please be respectful of others at all times so that we can all have an outstanding event.