John DiMaggio: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed, SALES CUT OFF 7/21/24


Send In Your Own Item to be signed by John DiMaggio

SALES CUT OFF: Sunday, July 21st, 2024

Personalization includes a Fan Name or Character Name only. No quotes or inscriptions.

Carefully select the type of item you're sending in.

  • Small Flat Item: 8x10-8x14 photo or print, Trading Card, DVD cover, VHS Case
  • Medium Flat Item:  11x14-11x17 photo or print, LP Cover, License plate, Comic Book, Magazine, Book with less than 1" depth, etc.
  • Medium Item: 12x18-16x20 print or poster, Baseball, Record, Toy under 11x8.5x5.5, Book over 1" depth, etc.
  • Flat Funko Pop Box*: Flattened Standard Size Funko (Box Only), Flattened Large Size Funko (Box Only).
  • Full Funko Pop: Standard Size Full Funko Pop, Large Size Full Funko Pop
  • Rolled Poster: Poster tube, or rolled print item between the size of 16x20-27x41
  • Large Item*:  16x20-27x41 poster (Folded), Toy over 11x8x5 and up to 17x12x6, Unflattened Large Size Full Funko Pop, Clothing, Prop, etc.
  • Custom 8x10 Print: For an 8x10 print, send us the file in a jpg/jpeg format and we will print it for you. It is suggested that the file be a minimum of 1000x1250 pixels and a resolution of 125 pixels per inch (ppi). For best quality, 2400x3000 pixels and 300 ppi is recommended.
  • Custom 11x17 Print: For an 11x17 print, send us the file in a jpg/jpeg format and we will print it for you. It is suggested that the file be a minimum of 1375x2125 pixels and a resolution of 125 pixels per inch (ppi). For best quality, 3300x5100 pixels and 300 ppi is recommended.

* If you would like for us to consider accepting a premium or speciality item that isn't listed (helmets, statues, hoverboards), or if you live outside the United States and would like for us to consider accepting a large item, email for assistance. Our team will assist you with logistics, pricing, and additional shipping costs. 

* Funko Pop Boxes must be sent flattened and without the pop. If for some reason, this cannot be done or you would rather send them unflattened, there is a different tier for unflattened Funkos. These items travel to and from signings. Corners may not be perfect, there may be wear, small tears, etc. These are collectible for the signature and not for grading. If you purchase the Flat Funko Box option and send in a full Funko Pop, the figure will be taken out of the box and flattened for you.

Please Note:
Special Instructions
can be listed in the note section at check out and should be used to indicate requests such as pen color or location of signature.
Personalization is used to indicate the name you would like the autograph made to during signing. We are unable to guarantee anything other than the talent's authentic signature.

Where to Send It

Physical items for send-ins are to be mailed in advance to:

GalaxyCon Send-Ins
C/O John DiMaggio
5300 NW 12th Ave Suite 2
Ft. Lauderdale FL, 33309

Files to be printed are to be emailed in advance to:
Subject: GalaxyCon Custom Prints C/O John DiMaggio


Items MUST arrive by July 26th, 2024. Due to the logistics of send-in items, please allow 8 to 10 weeks (for Domestic Orders within the United States) or 10 to 12 weeks (for International Orders) from the end of the event to receive your item back. Please include your order number on the outside of the package, and your order details (including your Name, Email Address, and Order Number) within your package so we can begin processing immediately.

All items to be custom printed must be sent to our team for review and a test print PRIOR to July 21st. This allows our team to ensure that the file supplied will print to our high standards before we send it to John DiMaggio to be signed. If the file supplied does not pass our quality check during the test print, our customer support team will reach out to you with additional options.

Items that are not received by the cut-off date have two options:

  • We can hold the send-in item until a future event with the talent if we have one that is scheduled
  • We will send the send-in item back to the purchaser with a refund minus the cost of the return shipping.
When an item arrives past the cut-off date, our customer service team will reach out to discuss which of the two options you would like to proceed with.

JSA Authentication

If you choose to add JSA Autograph Authentication for $10 per autograph, it will take us an extra week to get the items authenticated before we can ship them to you. For more information on JSA Authentication, please see the JSA and CGC Services information.

Fine Print

GalaxyCon is not responsible for damaged or lost items. We will make every effort to ensure your item arrives in the condition we receive it. 

You must provide your shipping address during the checkout process. Be careful to correctly attribute your billing and shipping addresses when prompted.

Send-Ins are only available to customers within the United States and select countries. Please see our Shipping Information page for more details.

Rolled Poster Send-Ins and Large Item Send-Ins are only available to customers within the United States.

We will make every effort to deliver items with personalization as requested. Please note that Inscriptions, Character Names, Signature Placement, Signature Sizing, or Color Requests are not Guaranteed. In certain instances, talent may amend requests or decline to personalize an item as requested. GalaxyCon is only able to guarantee the talent's authentic signature as part of the Autograph Signing. All other requests are not guaranteed as part of the Autograph Signing.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and ask you to do the same. GalaxyCon reserves the right to refuse to print any content should we, or the Talent, determine the content supplied is inappropriate.


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