June 5th: Achievement Hunter Live Experience 7pm ET

Join up with the crew from Achievement Hunter! Ryan Haywood, Jeremy Dooley, Michael Jones and Lindsay Jones unite for an exclusive GalaxyCon Live interview on Friday, June 5th at 7pm ET. One-on-Group Video Chats, One-on-One Video Chats, Autographs, and Video Shout Outs are also available.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones is an actor and internet personality best known for his work with Rooster Teeth in ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER, as the voice of Sun in RWBY and Max in CAMP CAMP, and starring in the live action films LAZER TEAM and LAZER TEAM 2. He currently hosts the OFF TOPIC podcast. His voice work outside of Rooster Teeth includes voicing Sting Eucliffe in FAIRY TAIL, and Dogra in ONE PIECE.

Jeremy Dooley

Jeremy Dooley is one of the main content creators for gaming channels Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play. He hosts the Rooster Teeth gameshow, CHUMP, and has written and performed numerous songs for the company. In addition, he is also the lead singer for the band 1551, and author of the “Go Nitro” novel series. When not at work on these projects, Jeremy streams gameplay on his DooleyNotedGaming twitch channel. Originally from Burlington, Massachusetts, Jeremy worked several different jobs and earned a degree in animation before being picked up by Rooster Teeth in 2014 and moving to Austin.

Ryan Haywood

Ryan Haywood is an internet gaming personality, voice actor, and streamer. By day he works at Rooster Teeth Productions on their YouTube channels Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play and by night he streams to his own Twitch channel Sorta Malicious Gaming. He also voices roles in RWBY, Red vs Blue and other RT animated shows.