Professional Portfolio Review

Get your portfolio reviewed by top industry professionals from AWA Studios, Image Comics, and Top Cow Prodcutions at GalaxyCon Richmond Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020!

Bill Jemas

Bill Jemas is a media entrepreneur, writer, and editor. He is the current Chief Executive Officer at AWA Studios. He is also a former COO & Publisher at Marvel Comics, former President of Fleer/Skybox, and a founding partner at 360ep, a media management firm. While at Marvel, Jemas was instrumental in adding the Marvel MAX line, entrenching Marvel Knights, and removing the Comics Code from Marvel books. He also increased Marvel’s publication of trade paperbacks and is credited with shepherding the company from bankruptcy to profit, and with earning positive reviews from within and outside of the comics industry. He also wrote or co-wrote Marvel comic books including Namor, Wolverine: The Origin, Uncanny X-Force, Black Panther: The Man Without Fear and many more!

AWA Studios

AWA Studios (Artists, Writers, and Artisans) is an independent comic book publisher founded in November 2018. AWA is owned and operated by creators. AWA’s creative counsel is forging a new universe with 21st-century sensibilities. With each coming from a unique background, accomplished creators will bring their own perspectives in the form of new characters and new stories.