Drunk On Disney

Drunk on Disney

Drunk On Disney is a podcast feating Dana Snyder and fellow Disney Nerd Guy Hutchinson as they try out a different Disney Signature Drink every episode!

Grab the ingredients, and you can play at home as you listen to them chat about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney movies, and whatever else comes to mind!

Bret Iwan

Bret Iwan is the official voice of Mickey Mouse in all Disney productions since 2009. His first performance for Mickey was the dialouge for the Animal Kingdom park in 2009. He’s also voiced Mickey in video games such as the KINGDOM HEARTS series starting with KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP and EPIC MICKEY.

A Goofy Movie Team-Up

The voice actors behind the Disney classic A Goofy Movie are coming to GalaxyCon in Raleigh, NC July 30 – Aug 2, 2020.

Bill Farmer

Disney legend Bill Farmer has been the voice of Goofy, Pluto, and Horace Horsecollar since the 1980’s. Farmer has lent his voice to dozens of other Disney projects over the years, as well. Some of Bill Farmer’s additional credits include the voices of Sylvester the Cat, Foghorn Leghorn, and Yosemite Sam in Space Jam, as well as the voice of Sam in Sam & Max Hit the Road!