Will Harris

Will Harris

Will interviews people throughout the pop culture realm. Lots of people. In his words: “I do it well enough that I somehow manage to make a living. Go figure.”

Danica Jenelle

Danica Janelle

Danica Jenelle is an award-winning theatre director and educator with many years of experience in entertainment both behind and on stage in a wide variety of settings. Her interests range from the creation of new work to movement, combat, dialect and intimacy training and education for the arts. She holds a Masters in Education in Interdisciplinary Arts and a Masters in Directing. Danica is extremely excited to join the Galaxycon team and explore her nerddom wholeheartedly.

Milo Beasley

Milo Beasley is a GalaxyCon Moderator, independent wrestler and internet personality! He is the host of the Milo Beasley show, and portrays Peter B. Parker for FSCW!

Christopher Irving

Christopher Irving is guided by one principle: to make comic books and pop culture accessible to anyone who wants to learn. Chasing his love for comics has led him to pen several books on the subject, including COMICS INTROSPECTIVE: PETER BAGGE, THE BLUE BEETLE COMPANION, GRAPHIC NYC PRESENTS DEAN HASPIEL: THE EARLY YEARS, and LEAPING TALL BUILDINGS: THE ORIGIN OF AMERICAN COMIC BOOKS. His expertise landed him a position at Virginia Commonwealth University teaching Comic Book History, Superman and Batman in Media, Star Wars Decoded, and more. He also takes his knowledge on the road, performing lectures and interviewing industry professionals.

Patty Hawkins

Patty Hawkins is a GalaxyCon Moderator who talks professionally about capes swords & ray guns. He is a frequent emcee, panelist, moderator & celebrity interviewer at conventions where he has become known for his entertainingly comprehensive & interactive interview style & being the guy that gives out candy!



RealBreakingNate is a YouTuber and social media influencer best known for his content on vlogging and Pokémon! Nate is considered one of the top Pokémon content creators having gained over 325,000 subscribers on YouTube and a following of thousands across platforms such as Instagram & TikTok! Nates unique style combines the popular format of vlogs with his love of the global phenomenon Pokémon. Along the way Nate is never afraid to open up and share his personal life with the world in his videos. Each and every day he encourages his fans to never be ashamed of who they are in life and embrace it to the fullest! It’s all about positivity and fun…what could be better?

Kid Cadet

Kid Cadet is no stranger to hosting and interviewing. Since working for Radio Disney at a young age, she aspired to reach her current role at GalaxyCon! She has hosted panels for us for over the past 5 years. In addition to moderating at conventions, she is also a music recording artist. You may know her as FSCW’s resident reporter and ring announcer April O’Neil. Most recently, She can be recognized for her featured appearance on the upcoming season 18 premiere of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.