Jack Grazer

Jack Grazer is best known as “Eddie Kaspbrak” from the 2017 IT Movie. He is also known as “Freddy Freeman” in the superhero film Shazam and “Young Alex” in the CBS comedy “Me, Myself and I”.

John Glover

John Glover

John Glover is an actor who is best known for a variety of villainous roles in the DC Universe including Lionel Luther in SMALLVILLE, and as the voice of The Riddler in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Glover has also seen himself in dozens of memorable films such as SCROOGED, BATMAN & ROBIN, GREMLINS 2, ROBOCOP 2, and more recently, Shazam!

Cooper Andrews

Cooper Andrews is an actor best known for playing Jerry on The Walking Dead. He also played Victor Vasquez in Shazam, and Yo-Yo Engberk on Halt and Catch Fire!