Meat Loaf

Singer, songwriter, and actor Meat Loaf has been ingrained in pop culture since the early 1970’s. Meat Loaf sprang from a cast member of HAIR to stardom with his role as Eddie in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW as well as the debut of his album BAT OUT OF HELL, one of the top selling albums in music history.

His music and acting career span decades with roles in such films as WAYNE’S WORLD, FIGHT CLUB, SPICE WORLD, CRAZY IN ALABAMA, and BLOODRAYNE to name just a few. He has made cameos in TV shows like MONK, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, and GLEE. He continues to perform with his BRAVER THAN WE ARE album releasing in 2016 and his role in the 2017 series GHOST WARS.

Barry Bostwick

Barry Bostwick is a film and stage actor best known for portraying Brad Majors in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and Mayor Randall Winston in SPIN CITY. Other memorable film credits include MEGAFORCE, MOBY DICK, FANTASTIC PLANET, and most recently as the voice of the Mayor in THE INCREDIBLES 2. Barry as also had appearances in shows like PSYCH, COUGAR TOWN, PHINEAS AND PHERB, GLEE, and SUPERNATURAL.