The ages-old debate must now be settled. Strap in and let’s do this!

Anyone who considers themselves a comicbook geek…wait, pause for a second. We just want to point out that we write “comicbook” as our way of honoring the request of the late and definitely great, Stan Lee that the industry adopt the term. OK, now where were we? Right…anyone who considers themselves a comicbook geek or even just enjoys a good superhero read, has either had this debate or has an opinion on the matter. Soooo, that means we do, too!

Before we get into which power we consider the ultimate power, here are some popular mentions:


Flight isn’t a superpower that defeats all others, it’s just a friggin’ cool power to have; and so it goes on the list!

Of course, the most powerful superheroes of all time possess the power of flight in one way or another. So, if you want to be technical about it, flight could prove to be the perfect accompaniment to another more powerful ability. Superman could just hurl Hulk into space and he’d have no defense, right?

Power of Flight Superman

Oddly enough, Superman didn’t have flight in the early days of the comics. While the art often looked like he was flying, he was really only leaping. It wasn’t until 1940 during the second episode of Superman the radio show that he was depicted as flying, then in Superman # 10 when Leo Nowak (mistakenly) drew Superman hovering a bit longer than from a leap. It just sort-of naturally took hold from there, and now heroes everywhere are flying about all willy-nilly, making it a staple power for this list.

Matter Manipulation

As far as powers go, this one’s tough to beat. If you can manipulate any matter, you can basically alter almost any aspect of reality. You could reconstruct things with your mind, expand and contract molecules, fly, move things, create any kind of matter by rearranging the molecules, etc.

Here’s the reason why this maaaaybe isn’t the best power to have: Just because you have the ability to cook, and have all of the ingredients, doesn’t make you a master chef. In other words, OK, great, you can create gold out of rocks…ready for this disclaimer…if you know the molecular makeup. However, knowing the ingredients doesn’t mean you can bake the perfect cake. It’s imaginable that if someone has this power, they would have to do a lot of trial and error before being even somewhat effective. This doesn’t mean they’re not powerful as all get-out, but it means they’re probably a bit reckless at first…possibly making them even more dangerous, really.

For the sake of argument, let’s just imagine that the hero could simply think of what they want and create it by manipulating matter.

As soon as they figured out how to turn dirt into marshmallows, the earth would implode under its own weight. Did I just get weird? I feel like I went full weird for a second there. For an example of someone who can use matter manipulation in comics, check out the Beyonder from Secret Wars II from Marvel Comics. It’s a fun read if you can find the run in your local comic shop!

One could argue this is a horrible power to have, because what would happen when you fall asleep and accidentally start redesigning the world around you. That would be quite a sight when you wake up and maybe not a good one! Congratulations, your foot is now a platypus.

Time Travel

Whovians know what I’m talkin’ bout! The double-hearted timelord can right all wrongs, mend all wounds, and change the course of history at her (because the doctor is a female right now) whim. Of course, she really doesn’t do that, though, right? She just sort-of gallivants about at times, warding off Daleks, and rearranging the TARDIS with each regeneration. We love the Doctor!

A great, and possibly the best case will probably be made during the Avengers: End Game. Because, almost certainly, time travel will be used to defeat the most powerful being the universe has ever seen in Thanos. So, how can one debate it as an ineffective power or even not the best?

One can live many interesting lives by traveling through time. And while your time would still be limited, you could answer all of life’s biggest mysteries, be present at the most interesting moments in history, and meet people you could otherwise only read about in history books. My personal go-to during discussions of what power I would like to have ,usually includes the Doctor’s coupling of immortality combined with time travel. However, the police call box has to go. Just sayin’. If all limits are off, I’d rather cruise around the galaxy in the Millenium Falcon or the Serenity. What would you use to travel through time? Let us know in the comments below!

Good Luck

OK, you’ve waited for it. You endured why we think each of the above powers has merit to be considered the “best superpower” and also why we think they’re not. Now, once again, we agree with Stan the man, Lee. Good luck is the greatest superpower one can have!

“I always say that luck is the greatest superpower, because if you have good luck then everything goes your way.” — Stan Lee

Who are we to argue with the man who created so many of the most interesting characters that the world has ever seen? Not us! In fact, we agree. It’s probably impossible to beat good luck. Go ahead and try it now in your mind. Hurl magic at a lucky hero and you’ll likely forget the spell. Shoot at them and you miss. Try to rearrange their matter and you’ll probably end up making them stronger on accident! Seriously, there’s nothing you can do. The only way to defeat someone who’s lucky is to just wait for them to die of natural causes…oh, wait, they won’t because they’re lucky! They’ll go into the lab and create the formula for an eternal, healthy life. Ugh, this is getting boring. And we thought Superman was overpowered. Our lucky hero even beats Superman at being boring!

If you want to see a hero with luck and you have a subscription to Shudder, you can watch Stan Lee’s Lucky Man on Sky1. It’s coming up on its fourth season in the UK. Also, Marvel’s hero, Domino also has the power of luck and showcases it in Deadpool 2. Arguably the funniest superhero movie ever made.

And so concludes our list of the best superpowers in an effort to overwhelmingly convince you that luck is indeed the power that bests all powers. Now, bring your A-game in the comments below and let’s have a fun debate! It doesn’t have to be which power is the best, but which powers are better to have than others! Is teleportation better than flight? Is super strength better than invincibility? Is magic better than immortality? Let the battles commence! And in this corner…

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