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About GalaxyCon

GalaxyCon began as an event company in large convention centers for 20,000 to 50,000+ attendees. 
We have branched out to include Virtual events so that fans can meet celebrities and get personalized autographs without having to travel.

Join Us for Exclusive Celebrity Experiences Online

GalaxyCon Live is your chance to chat one-to-one with your favorite celebrities with One-to-One Video Chats, Personalized Autographs, and Interactive Live Streaming Q&A’s.

GalaxyCon Live brings the convention experience to the comfort of your own home and allows YOU to connect with celebrities like never before!

• Watch the GalaxyCon Live Streams for FREE and ask your questions in our interactive chat room.

• One-on-One Video Chats with your favorite celebrities! You’ll have a private chat experience that will be recorded so you can treasure the memory forever.

• Group-on-One Video Chats with all of the celebrities in a team-up! Select groups will have special chats where you can talk with multiple celebrities at once. These group chats are extremely limited when made available and will be recorded so you can treasure the memory forever.

• Personalized 8×10 Autographs. YOU can choose a photo to be signed for you by your favorite celebrities. JSA Authentication may be added.

• Autograph Send In-Service. Select celebrities will have the option for you to send in your items for them to sign for you! JSA Authentication may be added. 

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  • James King, Operations Manager james(at)galaxycon.com
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  • Geena Rzeznik, Marketing & Merchandise Manager geena(at)galaxycon.com
  • Crystal Lin, Vendor Manager exhibitors(at)galaxycon.com
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  • Anthony Dominguez, Fulfillment Coordinator anthony(at)galaxycon.com
  • Josey Eichholtz, Assistant josey(at)galaxycon.com