GalaxyCon is a FESTIVAL OF FANDOM with celebrities, creators, voice actors, cosplayers, entertainers, fan groups, gamers, panelists, streamers, wrestlers, and PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Join us for the most fun you’ll have all year in one of our cities!

Join Us for GalaxyCon Live

Monday to Saturday at 7pm ET on the GalaxyCon Facebook Page @galaxyconlive

Monday April 6th 7pm ET
“Dino & Dana’s Safe Space” with Dino Stamatopoulos & Dana Snyder

Tuesday April 7th 7pm ET
“From The Idea To The Page” with Sandy Martin & Josie Devora

Wednesday April 8th 7pm ET
My Hero Academia’s Big 3: Ricco Fajardo, Aaron Dismuke & Lindsay Seidel

Thursday April 9th 7pm ET
The Original Green Power Ranger: Jason David Frank

Friday April 10th 7pm ET
Panty & Stocking: Jamie Marchi & Monica Rial

Saturday April 11th 7pm ET
“Will They Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?” with Michael Cudlitz & Matt Noveskey w/ hosts Kid Cadet and Danica Jenelle

Where to find Us


July 30 - Aug 2, 2020


November 6-8, 2020


March 19-21, 2021

More Info

For more questions, please call 919-907-0424 or email or visit our event sites: MinneapolisRaleigh, and Richmond.

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