Meet Your Favorite Celebrities, Voice Actors & Creators

Now is your chance to interact with celebrities from Futurama, My Hero Academia, Disney, Demon Slayer, Adult Swim, Chainsaw Man, and more! 

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Q&A's, Autographs, & Photo Ops

Engage your fandom to the fullest! Connect with your favorite celebrities at their tables, attend in-depth Q&A sessions, get autographs, or create a memory that will last a lifetime with a professional Photo Op!

Celebrity Experiences Coming Soon

Creators, Artists, & Writers

Creators, writers, and artists are available to sign your art and chat about your shared love of animation.

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Exhibit Hall

Got a missing volume you’ve been hunting for? Is a blank space on a wall just dying for some custom art? Our exhibit hall is filled with vendors and exhibitors ready to help feed the need for geeky goodness!

Cosplay Competitions

Celebrate your fandom by becoming your favorite character through cosplay. Share your work and learn new techniques from talented craftspeople. Then compete with your fellow makers in our cosplay contests for a chance to win cash prizes!

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Cosplay Lounge

Surround yourself with fandom in our Cosplay Lounge where you can take photos with your favorite cosplayers. No need to block traffic for photos when you can snap a pic in front of our giant backdrops and custom sets!

Anime Panels, Events & Games

Something for everyone, with over 100 hours of anime programming across voice actor Q&As, fan panels, screenings, anime-themed parties, games, and more!

Creator Panels & Workshops

Learn about the characters you love from the writers and artists that bring them to life in our Q&As and workshops. Then celebrate the animation community by attending our curated fan panels submitted by animation enthusiasts just like you!

After Dark Events

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop! Dance the night away at one of our many themed parties and raves, or claim your seat at one of our special ticketed events! Looking for something more risque? Take in some of our 18+ programming like the Cosplay Cabaret or After Dark Costume Contest.

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Tabletop Gaming

Pull up a chair and go on a quest for fun when you join a game in our tabletop room. Whether its card games, board games, or pen and paper.

Video Gaming

Enter the Animate! Arcade and battle fellow gamers in a digital playground featuring consoles from every generation, popular tournaments to test your skill, or just a place to have a relaxing game to break up your exciting day!

Fan Groups

Connect with fans just like you! Take photos, exchange tips, and trade collectibles - Animate! is the perfect place to come together with like-minded fans of every genre, hobby, and fandom!

Family Zone

A safe place for the young fans to wind down amongst the hustle and bustle of the con floor. Our Family Zone features curated events throughout the day featuring craft-making, sensory play, art projects, and more!

Special Attractions

Get a photo in front of your favorite movie car! Meet a platoon of Stormtroopers! We have tons of special attractions to add to your day!


Check out all the hard-hitting, high-flying, costumed action this side of the multi-verse as legendary characters from comic books, movies, anime, television, and video games battle it out in the middle of the ring to become the most formidable champion in the galaxy!