The total number of parking deck spaces within the downtown area is 23,318. Keep in mind that this number is only for parking deck spaces, and does not include street parking, private lots, OR the 50 surface lots scattered throughout the downtown area.

See below for parking locations and visit the Convention Center's Website for more information.

  • Wake County Parking Deck, 216 W. Cabarrus Street, 900 Spaces
  • Gale Street Lot, 430 Gale Street
  • Salisbury Parking Lot, 400 S. Salisbury Street
  • Cabarrus Deck, 436 S. Salisbury Street, 533 Spaces
  • Performing Arts Parking Deck, 128 W. South Street
  • One City Plaza Parking Deck, 434 S. Salisbury Street, 563 Spaces
  • Convention Center Underground Deck, 1 W. Lenoir Street, 1,514 Spaces
  • Charter Square Deck, 502 S. Wilmington Street
  • Performing Arts Parking Lot B, 10 W. South Street
  • Blount Street Dock, 314 S. Blount Street, 1,238 Spaces
  • Red Hat Tower Public Parking, 100 E. Davie Street, 1,903 Spaces
  • City Center Deck, 429 S. Wilmington Street
  • Cabarrus Street Lot, 100 E. Cabarrus Street

    (Metered parking is also available in downtown Raleigh)