Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1 GalaxyCon Raleigh 2021 Exclusive Tula Lotay Variant Comic Book

Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1 Tula Lotay GalaxyCon Variant
Dynamite Comics
AWA Studios
Cover Art by Tula Lotay 
Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Goran Sudžuka
She's Marjorie Finnegan.  She's a temporal criminal.  What more do you need to know?  Oh, all right then: all Marj wants to do is race up and down the time-lanes, stealing every shiny-gleamy-pretty-sparkly she can lay her hands on.  But her larcenous trail from the Big Bang to the Ninety-Fifth Reich has drawn the beady eye of Temporal PD, whose number one Deputy Marshall is now hard on our heroine's tail—and taking things extremely personally.  Worse still, Marj's worthless creep of an ex and his even scummier partner have seen an angle of their own in all this, and now intend to user her time-tech to change history for their own benefit.  Marj's only ally?  A guy called Tim.  And he's just a head.  I mean come on, what use is just a head...?
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