Reagan Murdock, Ryan Colt Levy, Sarah Wiedenheft & Suzie Yeung Mail-In Autograph Service: Orders Due November 16th

⭐ Ryan Colt Levy - "Denji"
⭐ Reagan Murdock - "Aki"
⭐ Sarah Wiedenheft  - "Power"
⭐ Suzie Yeung - "Makima"

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Featured Celebrities

⭐️ Ryan Colt Levy

➤ Denji in Chainsaw Man
➤ Rody Soul in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission
➤ Pierrot in Rilakkuma's Theme Park Adventure
➤ Shahid in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

⭐️ Reagan Murdock

➤ Aki in Chainsaw Man
➤ Mulithim/Ginn in Dragon Ball Super
➤ Iron Man in Death Battle
➤ Mitsuki in Actors: Songs Connection
➤ Ganesha in Smite
➤ Alvin in Kono Healer, Mendokusai

⭐️ Sarah Wiedenheft

➤ Power in Chainsaw Man
➤ Zeno in Dragon Ball Super
➤ Charmy Papittoson in Black Clover
➤ Tohru in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
➤ Azusa in Orange

⭐️ Suzie Yeung

➤ Makima in Chainsaw Man
➤ Eula in Genshin Impact
➤ Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade
➤ Young Kyo Soma in Fruits Basket
➤ Yuri in High-Rise Invasion

Event Schedule

🗓️ Autograph Orders for GalaxyCon Columbus Due by November 16th @ 11:59pm ET
🗓️ Send In Orders for GalaxyCon Columbus Due by November 5th, Deliver by November 10th


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