Magic the Gathering Tournaments at the Greater Richmond Convention Center March 15-17, 2024


Misty Mountain Gaming presents Clash for Cash, Magic the Gathering Tournaments which will take place at GalaxyCon Richmond on Friday, March 15, Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17.

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Greater Richmond Convention Center
 403 N. Third St
Richmond, VA 23219​​

Appearing in Richmond:

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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Tournament Schedules

To access individual tournaments, please see the schedule below and click on the link to go to the ticket purchase page. 

Tournament tickets do not include admission to GalaxyCon Richmond.  You must also purchase an admission ticket to redeem Special Event Tickets.

Location TBD

For Lorcana Tournament schedules, click here.

PriceStart TimeTournament Name
$20.004:00pmMagic Draft

Draft 3 packs of Magic and play 3 rounds! 10 tix per round.
$60.005:00pm1k cEDH Commander

Can your Commander come out on top? This COMP REL Commander Tournament earns $500 to the winner! account required.
$100.006:00pm1k Sealed
Test your deckbuilding skills with this 6-Pack sealed Magic Event! 1st Place gets $500! - DECKLIST REQUIRED and COMP REL.
Relive an older prerelease event! Build a 40-card minimum deck out of your 6 pack event kit and play 3 rounds! 10 tix per round win.
Can your Commander come out on top? Play 3 Rounds and find out! 30 tix per round win.

Bring the current sets together for 3 rounds of Standard Constructed Magic! 10 tix per round win.
$10.0010:00pmQuick Commander
Play a quick round of Commander! 10 tix to winner
Quick Draft
Draft 3 packs of Magic and play a quick round! 10 tix to winner

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