Adrienne Barbeau


Top Credits:

Adrienne Barbeau
  • Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series
  • Rizzo in Broadway's Grease
  • Carol Traynor in Maude
  • Maggie in Escape from New York
  • Stevie Wayne in The Fog
  • Alice Cable in Swamp Thing

Did you know...

  • She made her Broadway debut in Fiddler on the Roof, eventually taking the role of Hodel, Tevye's daughter, opposite Bette Midler who played her character's sister Tzeitel.
  • In 1981's The Cannonball Run her character Marcie & her partner Jill (played by Tara Buckman) are the canonical winners of the race.
  • Author of several books including the Vampires Of Hollywood series and There Are Worse Things I Could Do, an autobiography.

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Adrienne Barbeau

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