Andrew McCarthy


Top Credits:

Andrew McCarthy
  • Larry Wilson in Weekend at Bernie's
  • Blane in Pretty in Pink
  • Kevin Dolenz in St. Elmo's Fire

Did you know...

  • When the ending to Pretty in Pink (1986) was re-shot, McCarthy had already lost a substantial amount of weight and had shaved his head for a new role so he had to wear a wig for the re-shoots.
  • As well as an actor he is also a prolific TV director, whose work includes Orange Is the New Black, Gossip Girl & The Blacklist.
  • Since the mid-2000s, McCarthy has had another career as a travel writer for such publications as National Geographic Traveler and others. In 2010, the Society of American Travel Writers awarded McCarthy their Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism prize and named him Travel Journalist of the Year.

Andrew McCarthy

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