GalaxyCon Richmond



After Dark
Cosplay Competition

The sultry side of cosplay is on display in this runway-style contest that aims to crown the sexiest cosplayers of the night! All levels are welcome; we are not just looking at what you are wearing (or aren’t wearing), but also for the attitude.

Application Coming Soon

Cosplay Cabaret

The wildest variety show in the galaxy takes center stage every Saturday night at GalaxyCon. Featuring the nation’s premier nerdlesque, crossplay, and variety acts, The After Dark Cabaret shines the glittery spotlight on the naughty side of fandom.

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After Dark Market

When the daytime vendor floor closes, the After Dark Market opens its doors to present more adult wares for like-minded patrons. Here, you can find adult toys, explicit art, CBD products, and more!


Become the singing sensation you are absolutely convinced that you are and join us for our nightly Karaoke sessions singing everything from the Ghostbusters theme to Under Pressure, you can even sing the Freddy Mercury parts!

Dance Parties

Feel the music and hit the dance floor at one of our many themed Dance Parties or Raves! Let the emotions flow at Get Sad Y’all’s Emo Night, reach levels over 9000 at the Kamehameha Rave, or blast off to a new universe of fun at the Galaxy Groove Bash!

Comedy Events

End the night with laughter as you check out one of our many Comedy Events featuring stand-up showcases from Lisa Corrao and Tyler Wood, as well as improv and sketch comedy from Pineapple-Shaped Lamps.

Drunk on Disney

What better way to celebrate the most magical place on earth than by getting tipsy with Drunk on Disney hosts Dana Snyder (Voice of Master Shake) and Guy Hutchinson (author of 'Bibbity Boozity Book') while watching embarrassing Michael Eisner videos?

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast

Grab your tighty whities, fill up those squirt guns, and bend your knees in tight as we do the Time Warp again with our resident Rocky Horror Shadow Cast troupe, Pineapple-Shaped Lamps.

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18+ Panels

Need a place to unwind after all that partying? Maybe have a relaxing moment and color some adult-themed pictures? Perhaps you can listen to our various panels discussing the mature side of fandom? There’s something for everyone!... provided they have photo ID proving they are 18 years or older.